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.htaccess And .htpasswd Tools

These tools will create .htaccess and .htpasswd files for you, without having to build these manually.

1. .htaccess Tool

This form enables you to create any part of this tutorial automatically. Select the section(s) you wish to activate and complete the form for that section.

Directory Listing
  Allow Directory Listing
Use Fancy Indexing
File Extensions To Ignore (optional)
Modify Index File (optional)
Custom Error Pages
 401 : Authorization Required
403 : Forbidden
404 : File Not Found
500 : Internal Server Error
Password Protection
 .htpasswd File Location
Realm Name/Popup Text
Web Page Redirection
  Permanent relocation
Old page/document
New page/document location
Prevent Hotlinking/Protect Images
 Your Domain Name
Protect .gif images
Protect .jpg images
Other File Extensions (optional)
Block IP's
 IP or remote hostname

2. .htpasswd Tool

This .htpasswd creator enables you to enter up to 5 user name and password combinations. If you need more, simply use this easy form multiple times.

Create a .htpasswd File

These file creator tools make it quick and easy.

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