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MySQL Tutorial - Introdution

This open source SQL database management client/server system is fast, reliable and very stable.

Programming interfaces (API) for C, C++, PHP, Perl and other languages are available. A shell client is also avaible. This tutorial uses the shell client.

A sample of PHP & MySQL usage is also available.

Key features include :

    Fast B-tree disk tables with index compression
    Thread-based memory allocation system
    Joins using an optimised one-sweep multi-join
    In-memory hash tables used as temporary tables
    Flexible and secure privilege & password system
    Many API's & libraries available
    Multi-threaded using kernel threads
    Fixed-length and variable-length records
    Can handle large databases
We also provide an easier to use database manager which is html based. No programing required.

To enable MySQL, use supportbot to create a username and database for your web hosting account.

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