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robots.txt Tutorial - Robot List

Several different types are always exploring the world wide web. The best known ones are classified here.

1. Search Engine Robots

Below is a list of the the most popular and active search engine bots (also called spiders) at this time.

Robot NameSearch Engine
Googlebot-ImageGoogle Images
ZyBorg WiseNut/LookSmart
ScooterAlta Vista

By excluding any part of your site from these, you will also exclude that part to show up in search results.

2. Bots Used By Spammers

Unless you enjoy receiving lots of SPAM, you don't want these on your web site. They look for email addresses on web pages to send their junk email to.

Start Of User-Agent String

These will ignore the robots.txt file as they want to find new email addresses by any means possible. There is a way to refuse them access to your site.

3. Others

These claim to respect the robots.txt file and you can block them (if you wish) by robot name, as usual.

Robot NamePurpose
TurnitinBotDetects Plagiarism
NPBotIntellectual Property

This list has to be banned from your web site hosting account in another way, if you wish to do so.

User-Agent StartPurpose
LinkWalkerLink Directory Builder
ZeusLink Directory Builder

These robots look for reciprocal link partners. If you're interested in that type of venture, do not block them.

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