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Database Manager Tutorial - Administration

The front page of the database administration module does quite a bit. Most pages it creates contain info on what that exact feature does.

Because of this, this part of the tutorial is limited to a general overview.

Admin Form

1. Database Management

The below functions are available under the drop-down in the 'Database Management' form. Simply select the database file name you wish to perform an action on, select the action/function and click the 'Ok' button.

    Manage Passwords

    This function is optional. It allows you to set/modify passwords required to add-to, modify or remove records (via forms) from this database file.


    This feature allows you to update your database by uploading it via your browser or with a standard FTP client.

    Export Database

    This feature was created in case something were to happen to your PC and you lose the database file. This option will allow you to download the database information in the same way you had it stored in text format on your computer

    Copy DB Format

    If you need to build multiple databases with the same format, this will save you a good deal of time. This way you can bypass the database format creation, simply have the software create a copy of the format, giving you a new database to upload data to.

    Delete Database

    This feature allows you to remove a database from your account. Be careful, the removed information can not be retrieved.

    View DB Format

    Thi will display the database format for you database file you have selected.

2. Import Shopping Cart Database

    This allows you to import shopping cart databases into this software. You select which fields you want in your new database. This does not modify the shopping cart database in any way.

    Say you wanted to have the database software create catalog pages based on searches, you could use this feature. The description field in the newly created database is only 128 characters.

    If you wanted to make that longer, you will need to create a new database format. This feature will allow you to export data from the shopping cart database and modify it on your PC which can be a time saver.

3. Encrypt a password

    This tool takes plain text input (say 'mypassword') and will encrypt it for use for the 'Password' database field. For example, 'mypassword' would be 'cwIbQNOhJGWtw' after encryption.

4. Documentation

    This gives you access to documentation, such as the tutorial you are reading now.

5. Check For Upgrades

    This will check if you have the most current version of the software. If not, you can have it installed on your account at the click of a button.
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