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Free Shopping Cart Software

The shopping cart features the following and more :

    - One click installation
    - Search Engine/Keyword reporting
    - PGP Encryption support
    - Supports any currency symbol
    - Free DreamWeaver and GoLive plugins
    - Affiliate Program module
    - Handles a single merchant or/and entire malls
    - 'Silent Salesman' helps increase order size
    - Optional database import/export feature
    - Supports multiple size/color/fabric drop downs
    - Multiple shipping calculation methods
    - Provides UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping calculation
    - Supports several payment processors
    - PayPal Support (no need for merchant account)
    - Also supports offline credit card processing
    - Tool to create exact .html code for you
    - Handles credit card and mail-in/check orders
    - Automatically calculates taxes (if they apply)
    - Coupon & Discount shopping cart module
    - Optional support for GST (Canadian merchants)
    - Supports English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
    - Easy to customize to blend in with your site
    - 100% free with any web hosting plan
Feel free to read the detailed cart software manual.
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