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Web Page Builder

The page builder program allows people with no html programming knowledge to create a website, using nothing but their browser. The package also includes hundreds of graphics, ready for use.

    - No programming skills required - easy to use
    - No expensive software to buy
    - Includes hundreds of ready to use graphics
    - Upload and use your own graphics
    - Create shopping cart enabled pages
    - Create functional feedback forms
    - Insert horizontal bars
    - Insert blank space to control layout
    - Insert your own graphics/logos
    - Create "Lists Of Links"
    - Add custom .html code if you wish
    - Add Navigation to your pages (7 styles)
    - Add Graphical Counters (52 styles)
    - Much, much more...
Click here for a demo (try creating a new page). Real versions are password protected.

The "Master" version allows users to create directories under their domain and install a copy of the builder program on it. This can be used to give people access to one directory only. Start an online community!

You can also add a banner to the top and/or bottom of each page users create with the software. Simply create a file called header.html (to place the banner on top, or footer.html for the bottom) which holds the banner .html code and upload it to the "manager" directory under their domain (or directory).

To have the page builder installed, use SupportBot.

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