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Web Site Control Panel

The website control panel makes most website hosting management tasks very easy. It eliminates the need to read the detailed online manual.

Features include :

    Browser based FTP client
    HTML compressor
    Webpage download speed calculator
    Install/Manage password protected directories
    Manage email configuration
    Manage autoresponders
    Customize Server Error Pages
    Manage Counters
    FormMail, Guestbook, WwwBoard and others
    Shopping cart system with lots of features
    Install and play online games
    Install 'MiniWebs'
    Control your site from your browser

Check out the demo. Real installations are password protected for your site's security.

The demo looks like the full version, but does not allow users to install/modify anything. Copies of the demo and full version are ready for installation on all domains hosted by us at no charge.

Each copy of the software can be customized to blend in with your site. The below files can be modified :

index.htmlCan be fully customized, just watch the <form> tags
header.htmlControl the look of the actual pages, change background
footer.htmlControl the bottom of each panel page, handy for navigation

A MiniWeb can be installed from your web site hosting control panel. It allows you to set up the FTP style client on your site for other users.

For example, you could set it up on domain.com/client and give that client a username and password. This client can manage their own files in directory 'client' without having access to other directories or files.

To have a control panel installed on a hosting account, use SupportBot. Available free for all accounts we host.

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