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Shopping Cart Software - GoLive Object

This Adobe GoLive add-on enables webmasters to create online catalog pages without having to write any .html code. It's easy to build an ecommerce site.

1. Download

The below software is provided as a .exe and a .zip file. The .exe is intended for Windows users, the other for Mac users. The .zip also works on Windows.

Exe file : Clockwatchers-GoLive.exe
Zip file : Clockwatchers-GoLive.zip

It is provided as is, with no warranty. Clockwatchers, Inc. shall not be held liable for damages arising from use or inability to use under any circumstance.

2. Install

The software needs to be installed in directory

[GoLive]\Modules\Extend Scripts

Replace [GoLive] with the directory where the Adobe Golive package has been installed.

The executable installer will use the directory where it would usually be located. You may need to change this directory to match your computer's configuration.

3. Using The Shopping Cart Object

After downloading and installing the software, launch GoLive and look for the Objects window.

    GoLive Objects
You should see a red square labeled 'CW'. If you don't see it, the object was not installed correctly. Install again and ensure you are using the correct directory.

Click the red square to access the cart functions.

    CW Object
Three functions are available. The first one (the plus) icon creates 'Add To Cart' buttons.

The second (the glasses) will create a button people can use to view the content of their cart.

The third (arrow) is used to add checkout buttons.

To add a button to a web page, click one of the three function icons and drag it to your page while holding the left mousebutton down.

This will change the GoLive Inspector screen.


Replace the parts shown below in red in the Action URL


The part after cgi- is your domain name without the .com or other country extension. If your domain were example.com, you would use the below example.


Enter the merchant ID you created for the shopping cart using your web hosting control panel.

Be sure to enter a valid Product/Item ID when using the 'Add To Cart' feature.

Add the text you wish to appear on the form button in the Caption box.

The info entered will be remembered for the duration of the session, no need to re-enter it for each button.

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