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The documentation found here is also available from within the shopping cart software itself.

Documentation sections

The manual in the ecommerce package itself is easier to print out. It is reproduced here in a web page friendlier format.

The ecommerce solution features the following :

    - One click software installation
    - Search Engine/Keyword Reporting
    - Supports English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
    - PGP Encryption support included
    - Supports any currency symbol
    - Handles a single merchant or/and entire malls
    - 'Silent Salesman' helps increase order size
    - Affiliate Program module included
    - Optional database import/export feature
    - Supports multiple size/color/fabric drop downs
    - Multiple shipping calculation methods
    - Provides UPS/FedEx/USPS shipping calculation
    - Supports several merchant account providers
    - PayPal Support (no need for merchant account)
    - Also supports offline credit card processing
    - Handles credit card and mail-in/check orders
    - Automatically calculates taxes (if they apply)
    - Optional support for GST (Canadian merchants)
    - Easy to customize to blend in with your site
    - 100% free for any account hosted with us

This shopping cart software is included at no cost with all hosting accounts as part of the control panel.

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