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Shopping Cart Software Tutorial - Silent Salesman

The 'Silent Salesman' technology feature enables the ecommerce shopping cart software to suggest some additional items to be purchased as soon as an item is placed in the shopping basket.

Let's say you sell flashlights. The moment a flashlight is added to a shopping basket, the software could automatically suggest batteries and replacement bulbs to be purchased also. Needless to say, this can increase the average order amount.

To use this feature, simply select 'Silent Salesman' in the ecommerce module of the online control panel. Create a simple text file and import it.

The data file format is as follows :


The first field is the product added to the online shopping cart for which we wish to suggest extra items. Following fields are item numbers for items we wish to suggest as an added purchase. Each field is followed by a |. One item group per line.

You can edit the exported datafile file using a simple text editor (DOS editor, notepad) and save as "Text Format". Using the "Export Option" will have the ecommerce software provide you with a text file in the correct format.

Please note that this data file is not the same as the item/product database file. These are separate files.

View a screenshot of this cart software feature here.

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