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Shopping Cart Tutorial - PGP Encryption Support

Enabling PGP encryption will encrypt all order email containing order details and credit card information.

This is an optional shopping cart feature, provided at no extra charge with all web hosting accounts.

This feature is only available to merchants using the 'generic' secure checkout method.

You can find PGP software at :


Any software implementing the OpenPGP standard (most recent versions) will do.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software of your choice, start by creating a secret key and experiment. Export your public key, and encrypt and decrypt a test message with the software you installed.

Some packages may come with email plugins, enable those and set to 'automatic decryption' and have it remember your passphrase if you wish.

Next, go to the shopping cart module in the control panel. Select the shopping cart merchant and 'PGP Encryption' from the drop-down and click the button.

Now you are ready to provide your public key (1024 or 2048 bits). Please allow up to 10 minutes for the public key to get installed on the secure server.

Place a test order. If you have trouble decrypting the message, turn encryption off and familiarize yourself more with your software package before enabling encryption again on the shopping cart.

Note that you can use the same public key for any merchant profile or even website you use the shopping cart software on.

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