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Shopping Cart Tutorial - Coupons & Discounts

The shopping cart software offered free with hosting supports both coupons and general discounts.

1. Coupons

Shoppers are prompted for a coupon code and if a valid coupon code is entered, they can receive a discounts on their shopping cart order.

Each coupon has several possible settings.

Coupon Code : actual coupon. Coupon code people enter into the shopping cart to receive a discount.

Minimum : minimum order size for coupon to be used.

Discount Type : type of discount the coupon offers. Options include, fixed discount amount (say $5 off), percentage discounts (say 20% off) and free shipping.

Value : discount amount or discount percentage to be applied by the shopping cart software.

Expiration Date : date when coupon expires. If you do not want a coupon to expire, simply select a date in the distant future.

Order Type : type of order for which the cart should apply the coupon. Options are 'All', 'Domestic Only' and 'International Only'.

The shopping cart is free with web hosting and supports virtually any number of different coupons.

You can create a separate coupon per marketing campaigns to track results for each and more.

2. Discounts

The shopping cart can also apply general discounts. Shoppers are not asked for a coupon, the discount is automatically applied if the conditions are met.

Configuration is the same as for coupons, the shopping cart lets you to combine up to 5 different discounts.

Offer 10% off on all orders over $50.00 and offer free shipping on domestic orders over $75, for example.

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