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Free Shopping Carts Solution - Silent Salesman

The ecommerce system will suggest extra items to buy when specific items are added to shopping carts.

You decide which add-on items are offered and can enable this feature for any product in your store.

Let's say the shopper added a flashlight to their shopping basket. Automatically, some add-on items which could be of interest to the shopper are offered.

The shopper is greeted with a box such as the below and a message stating that these items could be of interest given the item added to their cart.

You, the merchant, have full control over what item(s) are suggested as add-on items and when.

This allows you to increase order size, while shoppers enjoy a pleasant shopping experience in your store.

Have you ever bought an item which required batteries but forgot to purchase batteries? The shopping cart can suggest the correct size batteries when the item added to shopping carts requires batteries for use.

This ensures your shoppers can enjoy the items they purchase without further hassle and can increase revenue for the merchant due to increased order size.

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