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Shopping Cart Software - DreamWeaver Extension

Now you can create an online catalog the easy way with the MacroMedia DreamWeaver web site builder.

No need to write html code yourself. All you need is an active web hosting account with us, DreamWeaver software and our shopping cart extension/plugin.

1. Download

The below software is compatible with MacroMedia DreamWeaver versions 3,4, MX and UltraDev.

Click to download : My_Hosting_Cart.mxp

It is provided as is, without warranty. Clockwatchers, Inc. shall not be held liable for damages arising from use or inability to use under any circumstance.

2. Install Extension/Plugin

After downloading the above .mxp file, launch DreamWeaver and open the Extension Manager.

Start by selecting 'Commands' in the main menu selection and then go to 'Manage Extensions'.

In the event you do not yet have the DreamWeaver Extensions Manager installed, download it here.

Once opened, select 'File' from the menu and then select 'Install Extension'. Finally, follow the easy prompts. Make sure you have 'DreamWeaver' selected in the drop-down menu before installing.

After installation, the ecommerce extension will be available in the 'Commands' menu, ready for use.

3. Usage

Configure the shopping cart on your hosting account via the control panel. Create a Merchant ID and at least one product code to get your webstore started.

By completing simple forms, you can build shopping cart enabled web pages for your web site, without having to write a single line of html code manually.

3.1 Tutorial

It is easy to add various types of buttons/links to your pages for the different shopping cart functions.

Full documentation is included in the DreamWeaver Extension itself. Simply click the 'Help' button.

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