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DreamWeaver Extension - View Basket

This function adds a button or link to a web page. People click these to view their shopping baskets. From there they can check out or keep shopping.

1. General

Choose the 'View Basket' button type to create this button/link on your shopping cart enabled web site.

    Select Function
Start by telling the DreamWeaver Extension your domain name, merchant ID and return page.

    Domain And More

You can check the 'Save Settings' checkbox to have the plugin remember the domain and merchant ID. You could still change this information at any time.

When shoppers click this link or button, the following page offers them an option to "keep shopping". When they click that link, they get taken to the 'Return Page' as defined above. In most cases you would want this to be the 'current page' (leave checkbox checked).

2. Button/Link Type

A total of four types of buttons/links are available.

    Select Button Or Text
For an example of what each looks like, check the Add To Cart tutorial section. A basic link and button example are shown below, starting with the button.

Link example : View Basket

This DreamWeaver shopping cart extension is easy to use. You can build an online catalog in no time.

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