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DreamWeaver Extension - Add To Cart

This function adds a button/link to web pages. People click these to add items to their shopping baskets.

1. General

Select the 'Add To Cart' Button Type to create this button/link on your shopping cart enabled web pages.

    Select Function
Start by telling the DreamWeaver Extension your domain name, merchant ID and product/item number.

    Domain And ID

You can check the 'Save Settings' checkbox to have the plugin remember the domain and merchant ID next time you use it. You can change this info at any time.

2. Button/Link Type

A total of four types of buttons/links are available.

2.1 Standard Form Button

This will create a basic shopping cart form button.

To add this type of button to a web page, select 'Button' as link type and don't select a button image.

    Form Button
Below is an example of what the extension would add.

You can change the 'Button/Link Text' to change the text on the shopping cart button.

2.2 Custom Image Button

This will create a custom shopping cart image button. Follow the same instructions as for a standard button, only select a button image this time.

    Image Button
Below is an example of what the plugin would add.

2.3 Swap Image Button

This will add a button to your online catalog which changes when shoppers move their mouse over it.

Simply select an 'Button Image' and a 'Image Swap' image. Mouse your mouse over the below button.

2.4 Text Link

A simple text link can also be used to have shoppers add items to their shopping basket from your catalog.

    Text Link
The default text is 'Add To Cart', you can customize it by typing in your own text. Below is an example.

3. Quantity box

This Dreamweaver Extension also enables you to add a quantity box next the order button. This is optional.

Specify 'Modern/Classic' to match the shopping cart setting you selected in the web hosting control panel.


Next, specify the number to be placed in the box.


The below example uses a basic form button.

3. Drop-Down Selections

Up to three drop-downs can be added to specify (for example) color, size and fabric options for the item.

Start by adding (click +) as many options as you'll need for each drop-down. Add/remove as needed.

    Add Drop Down

Click on each entry to replace it with your own item/text. Check here for details (ignore html info).

    Customize Drop Down

This example provides selections for toddler puzzles.

This DreamWeaver shopping cart extension is very easy to use. You can build a webstore in no time.

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