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HTML Tutorial - Links

A link allows someone to access a piece of information by clicking on it. Links are defined by opening and closing the A tag. The HREF tag sets the destination.

1. Link to a web page

Links to web pages are very common. The navigation menu on the left is an example.

<A HREF="index.html">test link</A>

Replace index.html with the page you wish to link to.

The above html example links to a page on our own site. You can also link to other web sites/pages.

<A HREF="http://www.yahoo.com">test link</A>

This would create a link to the www.yahoo.com site.

2. Email address link

Links can also point to email addresses.

<A HREF="mailto:example@clockwatchers.com">email test</A>

When someone clicks on the email test link, their browser will launch email software, ready to email the email address specified (example@clockwatchers.com).

3. Downloading files

Links can also be used to offer files for download.

When someone clicks on these links, their browser will pop up a box offering to download the file.

<A HREF="demo.zip">download the file</A>

This html code would offer file demo.zip for download.

4. Advanced usage

Other destination types can be used (links to newsgroups or ftp sites for example) and additional attributes can be used. This html tutorial/guide was created to help a beginner who needs a place to start.

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