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HTML Tutorial - Introduction

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is used to create many of the web pages found on the world wide web.

Other languages such as PHP can be used for the same purpose (or in combination with html).

Please note that there is no need to write html code manually, using a text editor. This tutorial is merely provided for those who wish to do so.

You could also use an online website builder or one of the many PC based html editors you can download.

This guide covers only the very basics. It is intended for a beginner who needs help and a place to start.

Many tags and attributes are not covered in this tutorial to avoid complicating things for a beginner with no prior html experience.

Tags make up the 'words' of the html language. Attributes define the properties of the tags used.

Html tags are typically used in pairs and each is surrounded by < and > characters.

<TAG ATTRIBUTE="value"> ... </TAG>

The TAG text starts the tag, /TAG ends it. Attributes are located inside the opening html tag.

Again, this guide/tutorial is provided for those new to html who need help and a place to get started. It is not intended for more advanced users.

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