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Linux Tutorial - Getting More Help

The very handy man command shows us how to use the Linux commands and which options are available.

1. Using man

Simply type man followed by the command you wish to view usage instructions for, and press enter.

machine:~$man command

Replace command with the command of your choice.

Say we forgot how to use the whoami command or wish to view documentation on usage and options...

machine1:~/test$ man whoami

    whoami - print effective userid

    whoami [OPTION]...

    Print the user name associated with the current effective
    user id. Same as id -un.

    --help display this help and exit

    output version information and exit

This provides information on the whoami command, with version and copyright info (not shown here).

Available information is shown a page at a time. To continue to the next page, press space. To advance only one line, press enter. When done, press q.

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