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Online Manual - Beginners Page

This page is intended for people who are new to the web hosting industry.

1. Creating web pages

Creating webpages is usualy done using .html. To write html code by hand, see the beginner's guides.

Using one of the many HTML editors or our web based website builder is much easier.

2. Uploading your web pages

Once you have created your page(s), you will need to place them to your web site, so that people can view them.

Many HTML editors and web page creation software packages have an upload feature build in.

If not, use FTP Software. Full instruction on how to use the FTP software should come with the software. When prompted for the 'Host Name' or 'Host Address', simply enter site's domain name (say example.com).

2. Email Setup

Setting up E-mail software is something you want to do. Again, the software should come with ample instructions. A few things you should know : when prompted for the POP server, enter your domain name (mydomain.com), when asked for a pop account, enter 'username' (one of the 10 usernames you received). For the SMTP Server, enter your dialup provider's SMTP info (if you don't know it, ask them).

Or, simply use our web email hosting feature and don't worry about configuring software.

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