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Shopping Cart - BluePay.com Support

BluePay/Online Data Corp., is based in Chicago, Illinois. They have been specializing in ecommerce services since 1983.

BluePay/Online Data Corp. processes credit card transactions for ecommerce merchants, retailers, direct marketers, restaurants and others.

They were among the first to specialize in ecommerce processing.

The shopping cart software offered with hosting has been certified by BluePay as being fully compatible.

To use the shopping cart, turn off the 'Virtual Terminal Only' option on your BluePay account's security settings.

You may select/enable the 'Block Unknown Browsers' and 'Block unknown website referrals' in security settings if you wish.

Once a sale is completed, the transaction can't be deleted from the real-time host capture system.

Returns and Refunds are allowed. They must match an original sales capture within the BluePay Virtual Terminal.

As the shopping cart uses the live transaction environment, all test credit cards will be declined.

You should also create some files on your web hosting account which will be shown for declined transactions or in case info is missing. Name them :

For successful transactions, the page entered in the "Return Link On Secure Server" box for your shopping cart merchant profile will be shown.

Note that this is for BluePay users only, other shopping cart users need not create those pages.

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