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RealPlayer 5.x is a real time audio/video transmission/player system. A digital audio/video stream is transmitted from the server over the internet to the destination and played immediately, rather than being stored to disk first and then played.

Each audio/videoclip requires two files: a metafile with extension .ram, and the digital audio/video clip itself, with extension .ra.

The.ram file holds one or more lines of ASCII text, each of which references the .ra file to be played when the .ram file is accessed by the browser.

Entries in .ram files have the form:


Replace 'domain' in the above examples by your domain name, without the top level domain (without the .com or .net ...)

Replace 'xxx' with either machine1, machine2, machine3, machine4, machine5 or machine6 (depending on which server your domain is on).

Place your .ram and .ra files in the realaudio subdirectory under your web directory.

.ram files must be uploaded in ASCII mode while .ra files must be uploaded in BINARY mode.

You may then access these files at realaudio/file.ram under your www directory.

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