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Ecommerce Tutorial - Payment Processing

To sell from your webstore, you need to be able to accept credit card payments on a secure server.

There are many ways to do this. Pricing and features vary, depending on the ecommerce payment provider selected. Use the chart below to compare providers.

This chart lists internet processors compatible with the shopping cart, included free with web hosting.

 Setup FeeMonthly FeeMerchant LocationMultiple Currencies
2CheckOut.comYesNoMany CountriesNo
MerchantCommerce YesYesUSYes
MultiCards.comYesYesMany CountriesNo
PayPal.comNoNoMany CountriesYes
WorldPay.comYesYesMany CountriesYes

Providers like Authorize.net and IONGate.com have many distributors/resellers. Your merchant account will work with the cart if you are using one of them.

If you do not see your provider listed above, check if they can use either of those payment gateways.

The shopping cart also offers a 'generic' checkout method. This emails you the payment details (PGP encryption available) for manual processing.

This option enables you to use the shopping cart with almost any ecommerce merchant account provider.

The chart will also show a 'Yes' under 'Monthly Fee' for those providers who charge yearly fees instead.

Regardless of payment processing provider used, payment details are sent over a secure server (SSL).

PayPal and NoChex are third party ecommerce processors. They process credit cards for you and their name shows on the cardholder's billing statement.

As shown in the chart, some services can only be used by US based merchants. If you are located elsewhere, those companies will not be able to assist you.

To accept online payment in a currency other than USD, check the service providers who process in multiple currencies. The UK based NoChex deals in GBP only.

This ecommerce tutorial section helps you compare payment processing providers. Finding the merchant account best suited for your internet storefront is important to accept credit card payments online.

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