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Ecommerce Tutorial - Create Catalog

To sell items online, you'll need a web site and shopping cart software to collect order information.

1. Build A Web Site

There are any ways to build an online catalog. The easiest, most effective way is to use a PC based web site editor. We also offer an online website builder.

Free ecommerce plugins for the shopping cart we offer are available for the DreamWeaver and GoLive software packages. Build a webstore quickly.

These options will create a web site for you the easy way. You can also use .html and write the catalog from scratch yourself. A html tutorial is available.

2. Shopping Cart Software

This will tell you what shoppers are buying, where to ship it to and collects payment over the internet.

2.1 Ecommerce Web Hosting

The easiest and most affordable way is usually to find a host which offers a shopping cart as part of hosting.

Free shopping cart software is included with all web hosting accounts we provide. Ecommerce made easy.

A separate shopping cart tutorial is available to help you create an online catalog.

2.2 Remotely Hosted Shopping Cart

In this case, you pay a provider to use their shopping cart technology, hosted remotely on their servers.

You'd still need a regular hosting account, so you're paying for both. Our cart can also be used in this way.

2.3 Custom Ecommerce Software

You could also install shopping cart software of your choice on your web hosting account, if you know how.

If your web site has special requirements, custom software may be the way to go. The downside here is that you have to install and maintain the software.

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