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Blog Software Tutorial - Archives

All archive page URL's start with this string :

The above URL loads template file mainarchive.html. Usually a list of available archives is shown here.

A blog archive date can also be specified :

Replace month, day and year with their respective (numeric) values. To show all posts for a month, do not specify the day : month--year. Leaving both month and day values blank shows posts for the entire year.

If a date is specified, blog template file archive.html is loaded and shown by the blogger software.

When using <BL_Latest> or <BL_Show> tags on this page, only posts in the (partial) date will be shown.

It is also possible to specify a unique post (see Post related for URL details). In this case, template file post.html is shown by the blogger software.

A blog tag is available to display the archive date :

formatsee date & time docs for format details

Conditional blog tags can be used to determine if the day, month and year are specified.

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