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Blog Software Tutorial - General Tags

These tags can be used on any blog page/file. The first set does not have any tag attributes.

<BL_Location>Blog location as set in the blog configuration
<BL_Login>shows login name - default if not logged in
<BL_Title>shows blog title as set in blog configuration
<BL_IP>shows the IP address of the visitor
<BL_Remote>shows the remote hostname of the visitor
<BL_TemplateName>shows the name of the blog template used

This tag is used to include a template file in another.

filefile name to include (required)

This feature is very handy in cases where you want to use the same header and footer on every blog page. Simply include files called header.html and footer.html.

The next blog tag displays random quotes/fortunes for the topic specified.

 calvinquotes from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip
 cbgComicbook store buy in the Simpsons
 chalkboardas written on the chalkboard by Bart Simpson
 fgumpquotes from the Forest Gump movie
 futuramaquotes from the Futurama cartoon
 hitchhikerHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy quotes
 homerthings said by Home Simpson
 humoristsquotes from various humorists
 kernelcookiesLinux Kernel Cookies
 kidsfortunes involving kids
 osfortuneopen source related fortunes
 petspet related fortunes
 prog-styleprograming styles observations
 ralphquotes by Ralph Wiggum (Simpsons)
 riddleshumorous riddles
 sportssports quotes
 starwarsall things Star Wars
 taoTao-Teh-Ching fortunes
 xfilesquotes from the X Files series
 zippyZippy the Pinhead quotes

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