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Blog Software Tutorial - User Profile

Profile URL's take the form of :

Replace username with the blog username for which to show the profile (spaces are replaced by underscores).

File profile.html is used to show a user's profile. The below tags are available to display profile data.

<BL_ProfileName>shows blog username
<BL_ProfilePassword>shows password (modifyprofile.html only)
<BL_ProfileSkin>show selected skin name
<BL_ProfileNameUrl>create URL to the profile
<BL_ProfileEmail>shows email in profile (if allowed)
<BL_ProfileSignature>shows signature for this user
<BL_ProfilePosts>number of posts by this user
<BL_ProfileComments>number of comments by this user
<BL_ProfileAge>shows age
<BL_ProfileGender>shows gender
<BL_ProfileLocation>shows location
<BL_ProfileWebSite>shows website URL
<BL_ProfilePicture>shows picture/image
<BL_ProfileJoined>date joined
formatsee date & time tutorial section for format details

Blog template tags <BL_ProfileCustom1> to <BL_ProfileCustom5> are also available to show the (optional) custom profile field for the user.

Email messages

Directory /blog/emails on your web hosting account containss the email template files. The same email templates are used, regardless of blog template used.

All of the user profile blog tags described above are available to these email templates.

New blog user signups

If the Approve New Users blog configuration option is set to Email Verification, new users will receive an email with a URL and a code to activate their account.

If the Approve New Users blog configuration option is set to Approve Manually, approved users will receive a confirmation email.

Lost passwords

If a user has lost their password, they can have the blog software email it to them.

The <BL_ProfileForceEmail> tag is available to email templates only. It provides the profile email address, even if the user opted not to show it in their profile.

This blog tag is required to be able to set the email address to send the emails to.

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