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Blog Software Tutorial - User Skins

Skins are created and their values are set in the Manage skins module of the blog administration area.

Changing skins is easy. Users modify their preferred skin by updating their user profile.

Up to 16 values can be defined for each skin. The next tag is used to load these values in blog template files.

numberskin value to be shown (1-16)

Let's say the second skin value for the skin selected is a .html color value #FFFFFF.

<BL_SkinValue number="2"> would be replaced by #FFFFFF while the template file is shown/processed.

In addition to the 16 skin values, the skin name can also be used to further customize the look/feel of pages in your fully skinable blog. Easy and powerful.

<BL_SkinName>shows skin name

You could call images in your blog as follows :

Directory /images/green.gif would be used for a template named green. If the template name were blue then /images/blue.gif would be used.

This can be used to load different images, logos, backgrounds, music, flash and other multimedia files, depending on the blog skin selected.

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