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Blog Software Tutorial - Categories

You can create categories using the admin software. Categories can be private or open to all users.

Add as many categories as you wish to your blog, bulletin board or custom template set.

All blog category pages start with this URL :

This URL displays template file maincategory.html. Usually a list of available categories is shown here.

filetemplate file shown for each category

If the file attribute is not specified, a template file called categories.html is used. The following two blog tags are available to that page.

<BL_Category>shows category name
<BL_CategoryUrl>create URL to the category

The <BL_CategoryUrl> tag is used to create part of a URL to a blog or bulletin board category.


As shown in the above URL, you can also specify which category to show. In this case, the category.html blog template file is shown.

If a <BL_Latest> or <BL_Show> tag is used in this page, only posts in this category will be shown.

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