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Blog Software Tutorial - Error Messages

The blog error tags are conditional tags. These template tags are for use on the error.html template file, that file is shown when an error takes place.

<BL_IfInvalidUsername>invalid username for new user
<BL_IfInvalidPassword>invalid password
<BL_IfInvalidEmailAddress>invalid email address
<BL_IfInvalidComment>html used in comment
<BL_IfInvalidPost>html used in post or empty body
<BL_IfLoginRequired>must be logged in to perform action
<BL_IfLoginActivation>invalid email/activation code combo
<BL_IfInvalidName>invalid (lost) password username
<BL_IfNoPrivateAccess>user does not have access to private category
<BL_IfNoModeratorAccess>user is not a blog moderator

These conditional tags enable the blog owner to customize almost any software error message.

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