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Control Panel - Custom Error Pages

This feature enables webmasters to customize web hosting server responses in cases where certain error messages are generated.

1. Configuration

To customize error messages, simply access your control panel and click the 'Error Pages' button.

You will be presented with an easy to use form :

Custom Error Pages

As you can see, several potential error codes can be modified. View the table below for their meaning.

Error #Error condition
401Incorrect username/password for password protected areas
403Access Denied - Browser does not have required permissions
404File Not Found - Request for an non-existing file on your site
500Server Error - A cgi script or something similar crashed

Say someone requests a web page which (no longer) exists on your website, the hosting server would usually output a boring error message stating the file does not exist.

By using a custom 404 error page, you can change that message to anything you see fit and make it more informative by suggesting pages they could visit on your web site instead.

Simply enter a web page for each server error you wish to customize in the 'Custom Page' box next to the error code(s) and click the 'Update Error Pages' button.

Examples of valid 'Custom Page' entries are : index.html, 404.html, error.html and so on.

If you you no longer wish to use any custom error messages, simple click the 'Delete Error Config' button.

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