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Control Panel - Miniwebs

This feature allows you to give someone access to modify/add files to your web site and limit that access to one directory.

Please note that this does not create a new FTP account. This uses a limited copy of File Control.

1. Installation

To create a new miniweb account, access the control panel on your web hosting account. Click the 'Install' button in the Miniwebs section to get started.

Miniwebs Screen 1

Select the directory on which you want to install a Miniweb and click 'Install'.

Screen 2

Enter the desired user name and password in the boxes and click 'Install' again.

2. Usage

Now simply point a browser to the /test/admin directory on your hosting account and enter the user name and password you created earlier.

Replace test with the directory you installed the Miniweb on. Files in this directory can be modified, removed or created. Other files on your hosting account are safe from tampering.

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