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Control Panel - Memory Game

This game can be used for entertainement or to display products or services in a playful manner. Turn over cards to find matches until all cards are matched.

1. Installation

To install the game, simply access your control panel and click the 'Memory Game' button. The game will automatically be installed on your hosting account.

The below files will be installed on your website.

File NamePurpose
/memory/memory.cgiThe actual script
/memory/mrand.datData file
/memory/mrandom.datData file
/memory/index.htmlGo here to start the game
/memory/header.htmlShown at the top of all pages
/memory/footer.htmlShown at the bottom of all pages
/memory/game0.gif...game16.gifGame pieces (graphics)

The game is now ready for use on your web site.

2. Customize

To build your own game, simply upload your game pieces over the ones the control panel placed on your hosting account.

Each game piece is 65 x 65 pixels. 'game0.gif' is the 'back' of the card deck.

The 'card faces' are game1.gif to game16.gif'. The game currently supports .gif images only.

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