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Control Panel - File Control

This web based software enables you to manage your web pages with a web browser. A demo is available.

1. Accessing

To access this module, simply access your control panel and click the 'File Control' button.

File Control Main Screen

This easy to use form enables you to manage your files straight from your browser. The software can perform various tasks on files and directories.

2. Managing files

To perform an action on a file, simply select the action from the drop-down menu next to the filename and click the 'Ok' button.

View In Browser

This option displays the chosen file in your browser.


This lets you modify files using your browser.

Compress HTML

This reduces the size of a web page to make it load faster. This does not change the appearance of the web page.

Speed Checker

This calculates the download time of a web page over different internet connections.


This is used to rename a file using your browser.


Delete a file from your web site with your browser.

3. Managing directories

To perform an action on a directory, select the action from the drop-down menu next to the directory name and click the 'Ok' button.

Go to directory

This changes the active directory to the new directory.


Rename the directory, the next page will ask for a new name for the directory.


Delete the directory and any files in it.

Add Password

Password protect all files in this directory, or manage existing username/password combos.

4. Other

This describes the bottom part of the screenshot above.

Upload files

The 'Choose' button is often labeled 'Browse' on certain browsers. It enables you to upload files to your web hosting account from your browser.

Create new directories and files

You can create a new directory by entering the new directory name in the empty box next to the 'Create Directory' button and clicking that button.

New files can be created by entering the new file name in the empty box next to the 'Create New File' button and clicking that button.

Compress All

Click the 'Compress All HTML Files In This Directory' to reduce the size of all web pages in this directory.

This feature is part of the control panel and is ready for use on all web hosting accounts at no extra cost.

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