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Control Panel - WWWBoard Script

This online discussion forum and message board allows people to post messages, reply to existing ones and start a discussion on any topic.

1. Installation

To install the script, simply access your control panel and click the 'WWWBoard' button. The cgi script will automatically be installed on your hosting account.

The below files will be installed on your website.

File NamePurpose
/cgi-bin/wwwboard.plThe actual cgi script
/cgi-bin/wwwadmin.plAdmininstration cgi script
/wwwboard/index.htmlWWWBoard entry page
/wwwboard/faq.htmlPage with answers to frequent questions
/wwwboard/data.txtData file
/wwwboard/passwd.txtEncrypted admin password
/wwwboard/messages/Directory for message storage

The WWWBoard website script is now ready for use.

2. Customizing

The default username and password combo for the admin part of the software are :

    UserName: WebAdmin
    Password : WebBoard

Be sure to modify these passwords. Use the admin script at /cgi-domain/wwwadmin.pl to do so.

After installation, you will be shown the correct location for your hosting account instead of domain.

If you decide to modify the /wwwboard/index.html page, ensure you do not change permisions on this file. It requires 777 for the script to function.

3. Blog Software

The blog software offers much more powerful bulletin board solutions. More features and easy to customize.

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